Don't make masks mandatory are more likely to have outbreaks

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  • 2021-09-27
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As a result of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, masks became a necessity in people's lives, and in the early days of the outbreak, masks were in short supply. This situation did not last long in our country. Major enterprises have joined in the production of masks, and now the use of masks has already met daily needs, and can also be exported.

Schools that do not make masks mandatory are more likely to have outbreaks.

Between August 1 and September 17, about 1,800 schools across the United States were closed as confirmed cases were detected, disrupting the education of more than 930,000 students, according to the data. New analysis from the CENTERS for Disease Control and Prevention shows that outbreaks are much more likely in schools that do not require students and staff to wear masks.

The CDC study cited 191 school-related clusters of outbreaks in the United States between mid-July and the end of August. In only 8 percent of those cases did schools require masks. Another study in Arizona found that schools that did not require masks were 3.5 times more likely to have outbreaks than schools that did. According to data released by the CENTERS for Disease Control and Prevention, 96% of basic education schools across the United States have resumed face-to-face instruction, with more than 930,000 students and nearly 60,000 teachers affected by the outbreak related suspensions between August and mid-September. The schools were closed in 44 states, most of them in the South. It is reported that the southern states of Florida and Texas have issued executive orders banning schools from forcing students to wear masks.

In addition, the CDC analyzed confirmed cases among children in about 500 counties, and between the week before and the week after school, counties with no mandatory school mask requirements had more than twice as many confirmed cases among children as counties where school masks were required.

To ensure that children can safely attend face-to-face classes, epidemic prevention and control measures must be in place, and everyone at school should wear masks, said CDC Director James Walensky. In addition, the CDC advised schools to improve ventilation, social distancing and screening for cases.

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