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Connexions Technology was founded in 2004, is a professional manufacturer of air purifier, disposable face mask, FFP2 mask, KN95 mask, 3D fish-shaped mask, cup style mask, 3ply masks for kids, reusable mask, nitrile gloves, pvc gloves, etc. Connexions Technology acquired an international quality management standard of ISO9001-2015 to provide customers with high quality products and values.

Aircal collaborate with our clients in the following ways:

  • 1. Based on strong capability of research and development, Connexions mainly provides standard products for customers on ODM basis.
  • 2. Modify the products to satisfy client's personalized requirements.
  • 3. If client have their own idea and design of the products, Connexions can actualize it and modify it make it easy for mass production on OEM basis.
  • 4. Based on strong capability of research and development, Connexions can work together with clients to design and produce a brand new products on Co-design / ExclusiveDesign basis.

Your privacy and intellectual property will be protected with high confidentiality.

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Connexions Technology (Dongguan) Ltd.

We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.

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