3 layers of mask protection function

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  • 2021-10-06
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There are three types of masks for protection, one is disposable medical mask, the second is surgical mask and the third is protective mask, which is N95.

If the general public does not go to medical institutions or places where they can come into contact with a large number of patients, and if they take public transportation or go to public places normally, it is ok to use disposable medical masks, which can play a very good protective role.

We do not need to wear N95 masks or medical protective masks, although they have better protective effect, but now resources are relatively scarce.

Academician Zhong Nanshan said in an interview that it is not necessary to wear N95 in fact, wearing ordinary masks is still useful.

Because these viruses do not exist alone, they are often present in droplets, and a regular mask can block most droplets, so wearing a regular mask can be helpful.

In daily situations, disposable medical masks can be used, and medical protective masks including N95 masks can be better left to the medical staff with limited resources.

As for wearing a two-layer mask, experts who disapprove of wearing a two-layer mask mainly say:  wearing two masks increases the resistance to exhalation and makes you try harder to inhale. But regular masks leak air and suck hard, which could make infection more likely.

Experts do not agree to wear two disposable ordinary non-woven masks, which is also reasonable.

If you are in a public place and want to contact with people, two masks can block more possible droplets. One mask is a two-layer + one-layer filter fabric structure, and two masks are a four-layer + two-layer filter fabric structure, which is safer from droplets.

In addition, the material of most non-woven fabrics is Spunbond Polypropylene Nonwoven.

Polypropylene is refined and made of petroleum derivatives, non-woven fabric is not woven with warp and weft, but by the machine nozzle ejected filament, and then hot bonding, so non-woven fabric is generally known as non-woven fabric.

General disposable ordinary non-woven three-layer mask, the inner and outer two layers of non-woven layer (SPP) does not have much difference.

It is the square weight of the cloth that leads to different material thickness, and the quality of the cloth that affects the uniformity. A bigger difference lies in the filtering material.

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