Can you wear less mask if you get vaccinated?

  • 2021-06-23
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Can you wear less mask if you get vaccinated?

NO! The vaccine is less than 100 percent effective

More than 500 million doses of Novel Coronavirus vaccine have been administered nationwide, according to the National Health Commission. So some people think that since so many people have been vaccinated, the need for mask protection is not so great, can we "wear fewer masks"?

       For personal , not only the Novel Coronavirus vaccine, but any other vaccine, does not achieve 100% protection, and the production of protective antibodies takes time and varies slightly from person to person. Therefore, after inoculation novel coronavirus vaccine, still need to adhere to wear a mask, wash hands frequently and other epidemic prevention measures.

       For groups, although Guangdong and other parts of the country are vigorously and orderly promoting the novel Coronavirus vaccine free vaccination, "should be all kinds of", but as Academician Zhong Nanshan reminded, 75% to 85% of people need to be vaccinated, such a population with immunity to carry out immune barrier.

       Still cannot reach this level at present, below the circumstance that the society did not form immune barrier, novel coronavirus is still easy to spread, in order to prevent infection, before the global epidemic situation has not ended, the suggestion public after playing vaccine, continue to do good frequently wash hands, wear a mask, frequently ventilated, one-meter line this "epidemic prevention a few sets .

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