China’s new export restrictions on medical supplies

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  • 2021-01-07
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We are very sad that we can’t send [medical] gowns to our clients who are racing to save lives,’ Guangdong factory owner says

Beijing ruled on Wednesday that only firms licensed to sell medical supplies at home can export them overseas

。China’s new restrictions on the export of coronavirus-related medical supplies deal not only a blow to domestic producers but could leave countries still battling Covid-19

 with a massive shortfall of essential items, industry insiders said.

Beijing said on Wednesday that only those manufacturers with accreditation to sell their products within China are allowed to export test kits, surgical masks, protective gowns, ventilators and infrared thermometers, regardless of whether they have the quality certificates required to sell in Europe or the United States.

Companies have described the ruling as unreasonable and appealed for it to be lifted so they can ship their goods – many of which are now stockpiled in factories and at ports – to the places where they are most needed. Meanwhile, foreign buyers are racing to source sufficient stocks from legitimate Chinese suppliers.

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