Correct selection and wearing of masks

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  • 2021-11-25
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1. Do masks really work?

Useful! However, wearing masks and washing hands frequently should go hand in hand.

2. Types and uses of masks

Recommended: N95 (with or without breathing valve) and surgical mask. In terms of design, it is ranked from highest to lowest in terms of self-protection ability for the wearer: N95 mask > surgical mask > common medical mask > common cotton mask. Virus carriers should use an N95 mask without a breathing valve.

3. How should a mask be used?

Wash hands before wearing, close to face, color side flush out, metal strip on top.

4. How to dispose of used masks?

A: The mask cannot be shared. If it is damaged and dirty or breathing is difficult after wearing, replace it with a new mask. Wrap used items before discarding them and wash or disinfect them immediately.

5. Is the KN95 a one-off? Can I reuse it?

A: Not recommended, but if you must, store in a clean, breathable container (such as a clean paper bag) as long as it is free from contamination; Minimize cross-contamination.

6. How effective are PM2.5 masks? Can they be used to prevent virus infection?

A: The term "PM2.5 mask" is not precise. Please check product specifications carefully for specific analysis of different haze masks.

7. Do masks expire?

A: Most disposable KN95 respirators have a shelf life, related to storage conditions.

With the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, masks are once again out of stock. A new type of purchasing agent has even emerged in wechat moments: purchasing masks.

Little masks, do you really know? What types of masks are available? What's the difference? Which mask is best at blocking the spread of the virus? Do we have to buy N95 masks? Does the N95 air valve reduce protection? This article summarizes eleven questions and answers about masks, hoping to clear up the confusion about masks in this season of rampant virus.

8. Do masks really work?

The answer is unequivocal: yes.

There is a lot of evidence that wearing masks correctly is effective in preventing transmission of the virus, both from an epidemiological and clinical standpoint.

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