Disposable masks non-medical vs. medical-grade masks: what are the differences?

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  • Tue, 22 Dec 2020 18:02:25 GMT
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Do you know the difference between a homemade mask, surgical mask, and respirator mask? There are two types of medical-grade masks - surgical masks and respirators。

Connexions explains what mask you should wear to help protect you.   

Q: What face covering is best for me?

A: This depends entirely on where you are and what you’re doing. If you’re working in a professional environment, like a hospital or school, it’s important to choose a mask that offers a higher level of protection – like a surgical mask or respirator.

If you’re popping to the shops, you may not need the same level of protection, but it’s important to find a mask that can keep you and others safe. Be sure to choose a face covering that meets minimum EU standards.

Respirator masks are accurately fitted to prevent inhalation through gaps in the side of the mask.

Q: Are face coverings considered an item of PPE?

A: No, face coverings aren’t items of PPE.

PPE is designed for specific purposes, such as for use in hospitals and building sites, and are manufactured to meet specific safety standards. The government defines a face covering as ‘something which safely covers the nose and mouth.’ It must fit securely around the side of your face but can be constructed using items of clothing - like a bandana or scarf.  Be sure to choose a face covering that meets minimum EU standards.

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