Do we still need to wear masks in the current epidemic ?

  • 2022-09-01
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     The current situation of the epidemic in China is quite good. There are no new cases in China. The new cases are all imported from abroad and are all within the surveillance range. Residents live a completely normal life, except for a few people who are used to wearing masks and are relatively hygienic. Most people can breathe freely except in public places. 

     The epidemic has had a great impact on China, but it has also brought a lot of opportunities to China. At present, China's economy is recovering in an orderly way, and the RMB is gaining more and more influence in the international market and appreciating continuously, which is mainly due to the control of the epidemic.Also in the face of the risk of runaway world outbreak, we are already perfectly normal production and life, also has carried on the upgrade for certain industries, for China, has not entirely negative effects, it seems that the ancients speak "a blessing in disguise" is a very correct, one thing, mainly to see how to deal with, can't see in isolation,In fact, the most important is the great improvement of national confidence.

      Outbreak began, Europe and the United States might be expected, and the developed countries in Korea and Japan, have been as a typical study, thought that their strategies are advanced, after nearly ten months of practice has proved that the advanced model is, in the face about life no small matter, Europe and the United States of contempt and arrogance, lead to give yourself a lesson, they thought reliable health care, also did not play the role of imagination,Is also vulnerable, one of the most unfortunately India and Brazil, they should have no problem, is your own, so trusting and blindly follow that they learn from the United States, say the United States today is the tomorrow, and may more than the United States, India, in particular, the momentum of the has far more than go to the United States.

  In fact, the world is never isolated. The Internet and rapid transportation make global integration a reality. Information and materials can reach any place in a very short time.


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