Does Coronavirus vaccine eliminate the need to wear a mask?

  • 2021-06-16
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         The first COVID-19 vaccine has been administered to priority populations in several locations. Coronavirus vaccine should be given? How to play? What kind of vaccine is our country inoculated? Who does it apply to? Can I take off my mask after the fight? How long will the vaccine protect you? What if there is an adverse reaction?  

       Even if part of the population has been vaccinated, awareness and prevention and control measures should not be relaxed until the population immunity barrier has been established.On the one hand, the vaccination success rate is not 100%, and fewer people who have been vaccinated may become ill during the epidemic.On the other hand, novel coronavirus still spreads easily without forming an immune barrier.Therefore, you should continue to wear masks after vaccination, especially in public places and crowded places.Other protective measures, such as hand hygiene, ventilation and social distance, also need to be maintained.

        The new coronavirus vaccine does not completely prevent infection, but it can prevent severe illness or death while protecting the vaccinated person against infection to a certain extent.  People who have been vaccinated, even if they are infected, still have immune memory cells in their bodies, and their immune base is still stronger than that of people who have not been vaccinated. So vaccination is definitely protective.

     Although we believe the vaccine is safe and effective, we urge people to continue to maintain personal protective measures following COVID-19 vaccination, including good habits such as wearing masks, maintaining social distance and washing hands frequently." After all, the protection of vaccines is not 100 percent, Zeng warned at the press conference. So far, no vaccine has claimed to be 100 percent protection. Especially in the current situation of herd immunity has not been established, it is suggested that even if the vaccine, these protective measures are still not reduced, in order to better protect everyone's safety.  


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