Emergency reminder of the epidemic !

  • 2021-06-07
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      Affected by the epidemic, how candidates in Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen and other places to take the exam safely has drawn attention from all circles.To this end, Guangdong "increased" a number of epidemic prevention measures, with the most rigorous, the most comprehensive deployment, to escort the college entrance examination.

   Please wear a mask, do not talk and keep a distance. At the same time, we encourage people to go to work on wrong hours or work online to avoid the flow of people.Especially in the supermarket checkout do not crowd, in and out of shopping malls and wholesale markets must wear masks and temperature.Before the test, Guangdong requires: the province requires all candidates to achieve two "full coverage", that is, 14 days before the test continuous health monitoring and 7 days of nucleic acid testing full coverage;In addition to the above two full coverage of all examination staff, but also required to achieve full coverage of vaccination.

What was the experience of taking the gaokao in an isolation ward?At Guangzhou No. 8 Hospital, a special test room is ready.

   A  senior high school student with no symptoms of infection will complete the special college entrance exam here.This is an independent, isolated ward without other interference. There is one desk and one chair for each person in the examination room. High-definition surveillance cameras are installed in the room to make real-time audio and video recordings and upload real-time surveillance pictures during the examination.

Two video invigilators were selected by Guangzhou Admission Office to invigilate the exam in the clean area through real-time monitoring images, and two medical personnel were selected by the eighth Municipal Hospital to assist the video invigilators to complete the invigilation work.The examination papers will be issued by the province to the city separately, under special management.At the end of the test, the test paper and answer sheet will be professionally disinfected.

All police are mobilized for escort

Guangdong police mobilized the whole police and announced 28 measures to protect the new college entrance examination.During the college entrance examination, Guangdong opened an "express channel" for 110 exam-related police to ask for help;Allow blocked vehicles to use the bus lane urgently;Open up a green channel to send the exam, and arrange police motorcycles to escort the examinees in an emergency.The "Yangcheng Iron Horse" examination protection team of Guangzhou traffic police is equipped with motorcycle helmets, raincoats and masks in advance to provide emergency assistance services for students and teachers who encounter emergencies.

In order to ensure the high risk area and closed administrative zone and the traffic control administrative candidates in a timely manner to the exam, guangzhou COVID - 19 pandemic control headquarters office issued a circular, required during the college entrance examination, but by id, the test pass, with the ear, "the university entrance exam" logo to traffic control area, all unattended personnel should be released and the traffic is very convenient.

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