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  • 2020-07-13
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Respirators of protection class FFP2 are suitable for work environments in which there are harmful and mutagenic substances in the breathing air. They must collect at least 94% of the particles in the air up to a size of 0.6 μm and may be used if the workplace limit value does not exceed 10 times the concentration. Respirators of protection class FFP2 are used, for example, in the metal industry or in mining. There, workers come into contact with aerosols, mist and smoking, which in the long term lead to the development of respiratory diseases such as lung cancer and which massively increase the risk of secondary diseases such as active pulmonary tuberculosis. In addition, our masks provide additional protection against unpleasant odors at the workplace thanks to the innovative  filter system with carbon layer.

The information given above is non-binding. The protection classes given for the various areas of application are minimum requirements and are only for guidance. It is the responsibility of the user to check that the respirator meets the requirements regarding hazardous substances and concentrations before use. For this reason, the selection of the correct personal protective equipment must always be assessed on site by the employers' liability insurance association or comparable institutions. WE assumes no liability for the information provided.

  • Protection against solid and liquid dusts, smoke and aerosols harmful to health
  • Particles can be fibrogenic, which means that they cause short-term respiratory irritation and long-term loss of elasticity of the lung tissue
  • Total leakage must not exceed 11%.
  • The occupational exposure limit value may be exceeded by a maximum of 10 times

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