How does rhinitis wear respirator to do with difficulty ?

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  • 2021-11-22
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     Breathing difficulties with masks are mainly due to the fact that masks create a relatively confined space on people's faces. Therefore, part of the exhaust gas exhaled each time will remain in this space. When people inhale again, they have to breathe in this part of the exhaust gas first, thus reducing the amount of oxygen intake and causing breathing difficulties. The mask will form a filter layer, and the outside air has to be filtered before it can be inhaled, which requires more force to meet the oxygen intake, so it is easy to have difficulty breathing.

  1. Choose a mask with a breathing valve. If you have rhinitis, wear a mask and have difficulty breathing, you can choose a mask with a breathing valve. After wearing such a mask, the valve will be blown open when the air is discharged, so as to reduce the stuffy feeling and fatigue feeling when breathing.
  2.  Rhinitis drugs can be used under the guidance of doctors to reduce the discomfort of wearing masks.
  3. If the patients with rhinitis who wear masks have chest tightness, dyspnea and other uncomfortable feelings, they can immediately take off the mask in a relatively open place for relief.

Novel coronavirus particles are generally round or oval in shape, with a diameter of 60-140nm. Transmission is mainly through droplets. COVID-19 can be transmitted through face-to-face talking, sneezing, coughing, etc. Wearing a mask with a protective layer that blocks droplets effectively cuts off this channel of virus entry into the body, so properly wearing a mask can help reduce the risk of Novel coronavirus infection.

  1.Avoid touching the inside and outside of the mask with hands during wearing.

2. It is recommended that disposable surgical masks should be replaced every 4 hours, preferably not more than 8 hours.

3. It is not recommended to wear more than one mask, because it can not effectively increase the protective effect, but will increase the resistance to breathing.

4. Replace masks in time after they get wet and throw them to a special garbage collection place.

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