How many kinds of masks are there

  • 2021-06-24
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        The epidemic has been normalised for almost two years before you know it.The weather has also become hot, and many people have gone out without masks, even in crowded public places.Recently, some places have begun to rebound, we  would like to remind you that some necessary protective measures should continue to stick to it!  Masks are standard for ordinary people under normal prevention and control!But there are so many kinds of masks that it makes people dizzy. Let's take a look at the functions of different masks。

   一、 Non-Medical Mask

        Non-medical masks are used to filter the air entering the mouth and nose so as to prevent harmful gases, odors and droplets from entering the mouth and nose of the wearer. It is mainly divided into cotton mask, non-woven mask, polymer mask, activated carbon powder filter mask, activated carbon fiber mat mask. For example, a face mask for pollen allergies.

  二、 Medical Mask 

       Medical protective mask is a kind of close-fitting self-priming filter medical protective equipment with high protection grade and is suitable for medical staff and related staff to protect against airborne respiratory infectious diseases.

      Medical surgical mask is suitable for basic protection of medical personnel or related personnel, as well as protection against transmission of blood, body fluids and splashes during invasive operation. The protection grade is medium, and it has certain respiratory protection performance.

       Disposable surgical masks are designed to block spatters exhaled in the mouth and nose. They can be used for disposable health care in general medical Settings with the lowest level of protection. Suitable for general health care activities, etc.

    三 、Dust Mask

        Function features: the filter dust mainly depends on the middle filter cloth, because the meltblown cloth has its own characteristics of static electricity, can adsorb very small particles.Application environment is mainly engaged in and contact with the dust of the operation personnel essential protective equipment, mainly used for containing low concentration of harmful gases and steam operating environment.

     四 、Gas Mask

      Gas mask is a kind of special labor protection equipment to protect the respiratory system of personnel. It is generally composed of a gas filter box or a gas filter jar and a mask body.The main body of the mask isolates air and plays a sealing role;The canister acts as a filter for gas and dust.Mainly used in the working environment containing low concentration of harmful gas and dust, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, military, fire, emergency rescue and relief, sanitation and epidemic prevention, science and technology and environmental protection and other fields.

    In a word, the epidemic is now, people go out, especially in public places, densely populated areas, you should wear your mask, don't be afraid of heat, after all, health is the most important。


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