How to care for the skin affected by wearing a mask?

  • 2021-06-22
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How to care for the skin affected by wearing a mask?

1. Do not wear the mask for a long time. The time of wearing the mask can be shortened in a safe environment.

2, after sweating, use handkerchiefs, paper towels, wet wipes and other timely dry or replace the mask;

3. Fabric masks such as cotton and gauze have a better feeling of skin contact than medical masks. It is recommended that people with skin problems can choose such masks, but be sure to pay attention to cleaning and disinfecting, and wash and change frequently;

4, pay attention to skin moisture.Before wearing the mask, it is recommended to apply a layer of moisturizing cream on the facial skin to prevent oily, dry and itchy skin, especially the parts that rub against the mask, such as the nose rest and ear strap.

5, pay attention to facial skin cleaning.Clean your face morning and evening, oily skin or every day or every other day with a cleansing product, if there is the use of sunscreen, powder or grease cosmetics need to use a cleansing product, but only the use of oil color thick makeup or waterproof cosmetics is recommended to use makeup remover.Pay special attention not to overclean, to the skin after washing is not dry as the standard of moderate cleaning.

Special Reminder

1: Put paper inside the mask to absorb sweat.

Because the most commonly used medical mask has a water-blocking layer, which holds your breath and is not comfortable enough. In addition, when the weather is hot, it is easy to sweat. Some people wear a layer of cotton mask inside the medical mask, or pad a layer of paper towel, thinking that it can absorb sweat and strengthen protection.

Professor Yang Bin bluntly "do not recommend such a practice".She pointed out that, first of all, the closeness of the mask is the key to effectively blocking the virus. Wearing an extra layer of mask or paper towel can affect the closeness of the outside medical mask, which cannot be effectively protected.

Secondly, this will increase the resistance to breathing, people will instinctively increase and deepen breathing, not only affect the health of the body, but also affect the closeness of the mask;

Third, the skin itself contains moisture to achieve barrier function. Cotton cloth and paper towels absorb sweat and "soak" the skin all the time, or take away the moisture of the skin itself after a long time of drying. Both cases will destroy the barrier function, and dry skin with oil is more likely to cause problems.

Special Reminder 2:

Apart from wearing a mask, there are several key points of personal protection

Guangdong, chief scientist and deputy director of the center for disease control and prevention director doctor Lin remind: current of indigenous cases, personal protection to keep the epidemic, science wearing a mask is a top priority, especially in crowded, ventilated bad airtight space, must remember to wear a mask, in addition, there are a few great personal protective points:

Wash hands frequently: wash hands with soap or hand sanitizer and running water, or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer;

Regular ventilation: the room is often ventilated, it is recommended to open the window at least 3 times a day, at least half an hour each time;

Less gathering: reduce unnecessary gathering, gathering, less to the crowded, poorly ventilated places, as far as possible to maintain a social distance of one meter;

Constant cleaning: clean the indoor environment, the mobile phone, keys, remote control, door handle and other items often to contact, can regularly spray or wipe disinfection;

Attentive monitoring: Take the initiative to carry out health monitoring. In case of fever, cough, fatigue and other symptoms, you should first protect yourself and seek medical treatment in time. In particular, do not go to work or school with illness.

Separate Dining System: Advocate separate meals and use chopsticks and spoons.

Wear a mask even in hot weather!

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