How to wear a mask scientifically?

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  • 2021-11-24
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Wearing masks is an important means of preventing Novel coronavirus infection for the public. On necessary occasions, everyone should choose the appropriate type of mask to wear and use and take good care of their own protection.At the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, it is necessary for health care workers at high risk of exposure to use medical protective masks or N95 grade protective masks. Medical staff working in general outpatient clinics and wards of hospitals are generally only advised to wear surgical masks. The use of N95 masks is neither necessary nor advisable for the general public. 

If you are hospitals, airports, railway stations, bus, plane, train, subway, ground relatively closed, crowded places such as supermarkets, restaurant staff, or is related to the outbreak of administration, police, security guards, express delivery and other practitioners, belongs to the medium exposure risk, suggest wearing a medical surgical masks in the workplace.

If you were in the supermarket, shopping malls, vehicles, elevators, such as personnel concentration areas, or in the office, workshop, such as environment, common indoor or in medical institutions clinic patients (except fever clinics), or focus on students in learning and activities, generally belong to the lower exposure risk, recommends wearing disposable surgical masks, Children can choose masks of comparable performance. 

Choose the right size mask. Wash hands before wearing a mask. Keep the mask close to your face while pressing the aluminum sheet on both sides of your nose with your left and right fingers to reduce air leakage around you. The nose of surgical masks is clipped on the top and should be pressed tightly when used. Avoid touching the mask after wearing it. If you must touch the mask, wash your hands before and after touching it. When removing the mask, try to avoid touching the outside of the mask and wash your hands immediately.

If you are a healthy person, the masks you wear can be disposed of according to the requirements of household garbage classification. If you are a suspected case or have been diagnosed, do not discard the mask you wear. It should be regarded as medical waste and disposed of in strict accordance with the relevant procedures for medical waste.

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