KN95 mask gb2626-2019 new NATIONAL standard testing

  • 2021-08-31
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KN95 mask is not an exclusive term for medical protective mask, as long as it is a respiratory protective mask that passes 95% filtration efficiency and other indicators in accordance with GB2626-2019。According to gb2626-2019, which will be implemented on July 1, masks are mainly divided into three categories: disposable masks, replaceable masks and comprehensive masks. Disposable masks are disposable protective masks, replaceable masks are protective masks that can be eaten and used more, and comprehensive masks are similar to gas masks that protect the whole face, respiratory organs and eyes of the human body. KN95 level is required in these three masks, so disposable KN95 masks, replaceable KN95 masks and KN95 full-face masks are all within the detection range of KN95 masks. 

一. filtration efficiency detection

When it comes to KN95 masks, you have to say KP95 masks. KP95 masks are higher-grade masks that filter oily particles as well as non-oily ones. Of course, it's involved in all three masks. When we test the filtering efficiency of KN95 masks, sodium chloride particles are generally used for detection, while KP95 masks need to use dioctyl phthalate or effective particles of the same nature to detect basterne.

二, leakage efficiency detection

According to different types of masks, when the leakage efficiency of each action is taken as the evaluation basis (i.e., 10 people ×5 actions), the leakage efficiency of at least 46 actions out of 50 actions should be less than 11% for the disposable KN95 mask and KP95 mask, less than 5% for the replaceable KN95 mask and less than 0.05% for the full mask. Based on the evaluation of the overall leakage efficiency of people, the overall leakage efficiency of at least 8 out of 10 subjects should be less than 8%% for disposable KN95 mask and KP95 mask, and less than 2% for replaceable KN95 mask, indicating an overall failure of the mask.

三, respiratory resistance test

The respiratory resistance requirements for KN95 masks are basically the same as those for KP95 masks. The suction resistance of disposable respirators should be no more than 250 pa, that of non-respirators should be no more than 210 pa, and that of full-face masks and replaceable half-masks should be no more than 300 pa. As long as the expiratory resistance index is not more than 150 pa.

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