Low vs High-quality N95, NIOSH, KN95

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  • Mon, 22 Jun 2020 14:58:22 GMT
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Imagine that your face is a bank vault, the mask is a bank vault door and the virus is a thief. The door should be as thick as possible to reduce the possibility of a thief going through the door (N95 means 95% filtration). However, the SEAL of the door on the door frame is equally important. If there is a large gap between the vault door and the vault door frame, then the thief can easily get inside the bank vault.

All hospital employees undergo fit testing to ensure a tight seal. Poor quality KN95s have loose earloops which creates a looser seal. While these respirators may have proof of testing of KN95 grade quality in China, this is the test of just the respirator (the vault door) and NOT the seal (door frame). We have already imported several of these low-quality respirators and have found that the fit is poor and the elastic is too loose to pass a hospital fit testing. Many of us using N95 respirators are face to face with coughing or vomiting patients. We want the quality respirators with the tightest seal and not any respirator that will let the thief into the bank vault. This is why many health care workers have a mask-shaped bruise or line on their faces.

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