Market situation and trend of mask industry in China

  • 2021-07-13
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Competition in China's mask industry is fierce and the average profit margin of the industry is low

In 2012, stimulated by environmental problems, China's mask industry was booming, and the intensity of competition in the industry also expanded rapidly.

Chinese people's demand for masks is mainly based on "safety and compliance of technical indicators", so that most masks only meet the basic quality and technical requirements of national standards.

Foreign mask brands with better quality seize the Chinese market, which to some extent intensifies the competition in the middle and low-end mask market in China.

Low-value consumables are included in the scope of national and provincial centralized procurement of materials, and the pressure of unified bidding further reduces the profit margin of mask enterprises.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in the upstream and downstream of China's mask industry should be alert to the risks caused by overcapacity

During the Chinese novel coronavirus epidemic in 2020, qualified enterprises all over the country responded to the national call for epidemic prevention and control by expanding the production of masks, filling part of the gap in the supply of masks in the short term.

After the outbreak, the production capacity of China's mask industry will be reduced and adjusted. With the increasing awareness of Chinese consumers, people's requirements for masks will be increased. The production lines of middle and low end masks temporarily added during the outbreak will face the risk of being left idle or disposed of.

For the mask manufacturer upstream of mask production, it usually takes 2 months to manufacture the mask machine through the manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and delivery of equipment parts, and the equipment occupies a large amount of capital cost. Therefore, the relevant manufacturers should be alert to the risk of excess capacity and try their best to share the risk through flexible supply chain system.

China's mask industry will face multi-directional adjustment, toward the direction of specialization and branding

In recent years, the output value and output of China's mask industry have maintained a rapid and stable growth, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10%. After the novel coronavirus epidemic in 2020, Chinese people's consumption concept of masks has also changed, from a non-essential normal product to an essential temporary protective equipment. It is expected that the development of mask industry will lead the field of protective equipment in China in 2020.

In the future, when the mask industry faces capacity compression and adjustment, the quality, technology and brand of masks will also receive higher attention. With the entry of capital and technology, the future development of China's mask industry is bound to be both professional and brand driven.

Chinese mask companies still need to lead the development with innovative technologies to improve their international competitiveness

The successful case of Chinese brand Green Shield shows that technology R&D and innovation ability can not only play a strong role in promoting the development of enterprises, but also enhance the industry competitiveness and even the international influence of enterprises.

In the future, China's mask industry will effectively enhance its innovation capacity, including product production technology innovation, application innovation and management innovation, so as to effectively improve the competitiveness of mask enterprises.

Supported by the development of the country, a number of outstanding international brand enterprises will emerge in China's mask industry, and the export will be expanded with high-quality products. 

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