No need to wear masks any longer in Texas?

  • 2021-03-11
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No need to wear masks any longer in Texas?


Texas Governor Greg Abbott canceled the Mask mandatory in Texas. Texas became the 13th state to abolish the mandatory mask order, but masks are still required in these places.

13 U.S. states no longer require everyone to wear masks


Where do you still need to wear masks?

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According to the federal order, the following places are still required to wear masks. Public transportation: Passengers and operators are required to wear masks on public transportation such as airplanes, subways, buses, and ride-sharing; Public school system: The current practice of requiring masks to remain unchanged; Federal government buildings: Anyone in the federal building is required Or all people on federal land must wear masks.


In addition, some large chain stores have also made it clear that they will require all customers entering the store to wear masks.


H-E-B, the supermarket chain said it will encourage shoppers to wear masks on Tuesday, but it is not mandatory. MACY'S, Macy's department store requires shoppers and employees to wear masks. The same is true for Walgreens, which will also keep the mask policy effective. A spokesperson for BEST BUY told McCucky News: In order to continue to ensure the safety of employees and customers, we will maintain our nationwide mask injunction in accordance with the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.KROGER and CVS, also All store employees and customers are required to wear masks.


In addition, according to Dallas Morning News, there are still many restaurants and bars in the DFW area that require customers to wear masks. At the same time, the mayors of Houston and Dallas stated that they will continue to encourage or force everyone to wear masks in buildings.


It is understandable that the government's determination and urgency to restart the economy. But for the high number of patients and the slow speed of vaccine injection. Taking protective measures, continuing to wear masks, and vaccinating as soon as possible are the most fundamental measures to prevent the epidemic. Especially those in the catering, service, and retail industries.



There are currently two criteria for meeting the vaccination:


Phase 1A and Phase 1B.


Phase 1A: Focus on front line health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities.


Phase 1B: The key population is people over 65 years old and people over 16 years old at greater risk of disease.


Texas vaccination rate and epidemic data.


According to data from Johns Hopkins University, as of Monday, 6.57% of Texans had completed the vaccination. By this time 16.5% of Californians had been vaccinated.



The rate of new cases across the country has indeed fallen, but Texas has an average daily increase of 7,695 cases, ranking first in the United States on the 7th. Each state's own data



All businesses in Texas reopened on Wednesday (March 10). Are you ready to enjoy the restored life again? Please leave a message to express your concerns or expectations!

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