People are repeatedly reminded to wear masks under normal pandemic

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  • 2021-10-07
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The main route of transmission in the Novel Coronavirus is droplet transmission, and wearing a mask can effectively block the spread of the virus. Masks are an important line of defence against respiratory infections and can reduce the risk of novel coronavirus infection. The mask not only prevents the patient from spraying droplets, reducing the volume and speed of the droplets, but also blocks viral droplet nuclei and prevents the wearer from inhaling them. 

How to wear a mask?

(1) Masks are not required in open and ventilated places in non-epidemic areas, and masks are required when entering crowded or closed public places.

(2) It is recommended to wear disposable medical masks in open and ventilated places in high-incidence areas; Wear a medical surgical mask or particulate protection mask when entering crowded or closed public places.

(3) If you have suspected symptoms and go to the hospital, you should wear a respirator without an air valve or a medical respirator.

(4) Patients with respiratory diseases should use protective masks under the guidance of doctors. Very young infants can not wear masks, easy to cause suffocation.

(5) Cotton gauze masks, sponge masks and activated carbon masks have no protective effect on virus infection.

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