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  • 2021-01-26
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 As of January 10, 2021, significant differences still existed between European countries in terms of wearing a face mask outside to protect the individual and others from the coronavirus (COVID-19), owing mainly to the differing legislation in the countries concerning masks. According to the results, over 96 percent of Spanish respondents always wore a face mask outside in the preceding week, while a significant share of respondents in the Nordic countries had not worn a face mask at all.

it was found that around 65 percent of survey respondents in the United Kingdom had been wearing a face mask outside to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus (COVID-19). The share of people wearing a mask in the UK has increased significantly since March, when only eight percent of respondents were always wearing a face mask outside, while according to the latest survey wave eleven percent reported never wearing a mask. Across the four countries of the UK, there hads been differing timings of regulations to make the wearing of face masks mandatory in public places. Compared to the UK, some other European countries introduced the wearing of face masks earlier into the pandemic.

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