Prohibition of the sale of illegal "mask disinfectants" by Official Announcement on 11th Street in South Korea

  • 2021-03-13
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Prohibition of the sale of illegal "mask disinfectants"by Official Announcement on 11th Street in South Korea


Recently, the Ministry of Environment of South Korea stated that it is strengthening the control of "mask disinfectants" in the disinfectant products circulating on the market. It is prohibited to sell disinfectants, deodorants, detergents sprayed on masks and other products that have not been approved by the National Academy of Environmental Sciences; and after obtaining the self-inspection number and report number, it is prohibited to label and advertise other products as masks. The types of products prohibited from circulation announced by the Ministry of Environment, including "mask disinfectants", are prohibited from selling illegal products as follows:


1. Mask disinfectants, deodorants, detergents, fragrances and other products;


2. Products that do not have a batch number from the Ministry of Environment and products for other purposes are considered legal products after self-inspection or reporting, or products that are circulated for the purpose of Masks in the promotion;


3. According to the legal requirements, it is not possible to use "non-toxic", "harmless", "environmental and nature friendly", "human and animal friendly" and other words for labeling and advertising products;


4. Products described as sterilization and prevention of coronavirus;


5. Products that have been criminally punished due to illegal manufacturing, prohibition of import, and order to take back.


South Koreas 11th Street Platform Announcement: Overseas sellers are prohibited from selling uncertified kitchen shredders


Recently, 11th Street, in accordance with relevant laws and ordinances, forbids the sale of non-certified "kitchen shredders" overseas products in the form of direct purchase. According to the announcement, kitchen shredders can only sell products certified by the Korea Water Technology Certification Institute and KC, and the certification information must be posted on the sales webpage, and they can only be sold and used if they have obtained the Korea Water Technology Certification Institute certification and KC certification. . The shredder with a crushing recovery method should recover and discharge more than 80% of the food waste by using a secondary processor and so on. If the seller is found to be in violation of relevant regulations, it will be immediately prohibited from selling and suspending ID and other measures.

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