Summer is coming, mask should be changed frequently

  • 2021-07-14
  • 1718

Masks can effectively prevent us from being infected with the epidemic. However, in the scorching summer, if our masks are wet with sweat, does such masks still have a defensive role?

Travel in the summer, be careful 

First, prepare more masks. If the masks get wet, you should change them in time. Experts suggest that it is hot in summer and there is more sweat.

Second: the mask is wet with sweat and cannot effectively protect against novel coronavirus. Therefore, please make preparations for outdoor activities or office work. Please remember to prepare more masks and put them in bags for spare.

Third: wash your hands frequently, frequently disinfect, whether indoor or outdoor, need to wash your hands frequently, frequently disinfect, if we are outdoors, it is best to prepare a washing hand sanitizer.

Fourth: it is very important to observe 1 meter line. Even with a mask, social distance should be observed as far as possible. It is a very safe measure for you and me.

Special remind

First, of course, we need to emphasize the key points several times, so that we can improve our memory. We must need to wear masks, but in summer, we sweat a lot, and masks are easy to get wet. Therefore, more masks is the countermeasure. If the mask is wet and we still wear it, it is not good for the skin, it is easy to cause dry skin, oil and other problems, so we should not wear the mask when it is wet.

Second, in addition to wearing masks, we should also wash our hands frequently, ventilate frequently and gather less. These are necessary measures to prevent COVID-19.

Third: frequent cleaning, frequent testing, separate meals, these we should observe as much as possible, for you and me, he, everyone's home we do as much as possible, so that we can avoid the rapid spread of the epidemic situation.

Following the advice of the state, getting vaccinations, wearing masks, doing personal cleaning and protecting family members are just some of the things that we citizens can do.

Epidemic  seems far away from us, but also can suddenly is quite near to us, so we need to make the spirit of an extremely, prevention is greater than the cure, in no outbreak on themselves, make various protective measures, carefully complete protection, protect yourself and your family, all the members of the health and society, this is the biggest help we can give the outbreak protection.

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