The Best Disposable Face Masks for Double-Masking, Workouts and Commutes

  • 2021-04-02
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Whether you’re hoping to stock up for when you don’t have a clean, reusable mask ready to go, or you want to double up your disposable mask with a cloth option, here are the best disposable masks to consider, from KN95s and N95s to packs of multi-layer surgical masks.

What Are the Best Disposable Masks?

Ear or Head Straps: Most disposable masks are designed with ear loops or straps that wrap around your head for a tight fit, so you should be able to find a mask that fits your preference.

Multiple Layers: While they won’t be reusable, the top disposable masks should still meet the CDC’s guidelines on face masks and include multiple layers of material to help keep you and everyone you come into contact with protected.

Secure Fit: Disposable masks can fit differently for everyone — one of the main reasons you’re probably searching for the best ones right now. But features like adjustable wires and form-fitting designs can help eliminate extra space near your nose or on the sides of your mask for a more protective fit, close to your skin. Face masks with nose wires can also be a good option for glasses wearers because they can help prevent foggy lenses.

Face Masks With Nose Wires: It’s not uncommon to find wires in reusable face masks now, but you can also get disposable masks with nose wires that help the lightweight fabric stay secure around your nose. We prefer to have masks with some type of nose wire when possible, and most of the masks on this list include them.

Price: The price of disposable masks varies, from more expensive KN95 masks to more affordable bulk boxes of surgical masks. You’ll find both in this buying guide.

 KN95 Face Mask Protective Respirator, If you want to buy KN95 masks, this pack features five protective layers per mask, along with a nose wire. Do an order in here:

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