The Dragon Boat Festival under the epidemic

  • 2021-06-11
  • 1520

    Our country still appeared novel coronavirus epidemic situation, although the epidemic situation because the country introduced a series of measures and got effective control, but to ourselves, in the place that come in and out personnel is dense still want to wear a  mask, do not give the virus can take advantage of, also do not give the country inconveniences.  Protect your family and yourself well. 

  To prevent the risk of personnel input and output.At present, the strategy of "preventing import from outside, preventing proliferation from inside, and preventing export from inside" has been implemented in medium-high risk areas in the province.Prevent disease risk is spread outward should do in our province, to strengthen the consciousness of overall situation, resolutely to hold transmission source, strictly enforce the high-risk areas traffic inspection mechanism, strengthen the road traffic control and village (CunTun) closed controls, control personnel access (high-risk non-essential personnel shall not be allowed to leave the local, if is really necessary to leave, must hold 3 days nucleic acid testing negative proof,To arrive at the destination to cooperate with the implementation of territorial control policy.In the key control areas of medium and high risk areas, a separate "municipal code" will be set up for the management of citizens. People marked with "municipal code" are only allowed to travel and do activities within the city (district) or county, and their normal life and work are not restricted, but they are forbidden to leave the city (district) or county.For those who need to travel to other cities under special circumstances, they shall be quarantined in the destination for 14 days and have two nucleic acid tests).At the same time, we will carry out "simultaneous investigation", strengthen precise investigation and control, do a good job in publicity and guidance, and firmly guard the gateway to prevent the export of the epidemic.The strategy of "preventing importation and preventing proliferation" has been implemented in low-risk areas of the province. In addition to the normal epidemic prevention and control work, the control measures of screening and controlling outflow of people from medium-high risk areas inside and outside the province and quarantine of people returning from overseas have been strictly implemented, so as to resolutely prevent the occurrence of imported and locally  related cases.

  We will further strengthen early monitoring and early warning.We will strengthen the role of sentinel stations in fever clinics, pharmacies, and community-level medical and health institutions, and do nucleic acid testing for people who are "required to be tested" and "willing to be tested", so as to ensure early detection and early reporting, proactively detect outbreaks and promptly and decisively deal with them

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