The difference of 3-ply surgical mask to fashion masks or ordinary hygiene mask

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  • 2020-06-24
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Just to note, fashion masks, ordinary disposable dust masks or 2-ply hygiene masks will not protect you from the virus.

  1. Fashion masks / dust masks

Made from washable cotton or sponge that is reusable. They are mainly designed to protect against air pollution or pollen allergy, but useless against viruses and bacteria.

2. Ordinary 2-ply hygiene mask

Made from fabric or non-woven material which is also disposable but lacks a melt-blown filter layer, so these face masks are useless against haze, viruses, and bacteria.

Know your difference before placing an order

The biggest difference between a 3-ply surgical mask and an ordinary face mask is the melt-blown layer in a surgical mask.

The melt-blown layer in a 3-ply surgical mask is essentially a filter, the droplets containing viruses will be electrostatically adsorbed on the surface and cannot infiltrate the mask. If your mask is properly fitted, the surgical mask will create a basic barrier between your mouth and nose and the viruses.

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