The protection rate of the mask

  • 2021-07-09
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At present, masks can only be sold by testing report in China, while they can only be sold by relevant product certification or registration overseas. For specific expenses, please contact Wang Sheng. The standard requirements are as follows:

The new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 has been implemented. Mask belongs to the third category of "substances and mixtures that endanger health" and must be certified in accordance with Module B+ Module C/D. Directive 89/686/EEC Chapter 10 EC Type Inspection Chapter 11 Section A/B similar to the old Regulation.

With people's increasing awareness of the harm of PM2.5, more and more protection against PM2.5, the use of masks is increasing, and the country has also updated the GB2626-2016 respiratory protective equipment. This is a very big business opportunity for businesses. Here, we will briefly talk about the certification and testing requirements of masks in major countries around the world.

1. Requirements for masks in China

The national standard of mask for civil use GBT 32610-2016 and the standard of mask for labor protection GB2626-2006 A. The national standard of GBT 32610-2016 divides the mask into four levels

"Regulating" or improving the non-standard implementation of the civilian protective mask market. According to the standards, masks are classified into four levels of protection from low to high: D, C, B and A, which correspond to different air quality conditions.

For example, category A corresponds to "severe pollution" and is used when the PM2.5 concentration is 500μg/ m3. Category D corresponds to "moderate and low levels of pollution" with concentrations of PM2.5 less than 150μg/ m3.

"Specifications" have strict requirements for packaging, labelling, storage and transportation, including "product protection effectiveness" and "implementation standard number".

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