The quality of masks in different countries is more reliable than that in China

  • 2021-06-18
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        The safety, high quality and reasonable price of masks made in China have been welcomed by many countries. In fact, China has provided a lot of materials to many countries since the beginning of the outbreak, in order to help the whole world get out of the gloom of the epidemic. Has now achieved good results, the following will provide great help for the development of is to be able to make the world as soon as possible, for each country also have great benefits, at the same time as the outbreak of severe countries, like France America should be more aware of reality, and take effective measures, rather than continue to weaken the influence of the outbreak, This will only make the situation worse.

    In the severe period of the epidemic, we should pay attention to the quality and safety of the protective measures such as masks. If the safety of masks cannot be guaranteed, no matter how strict the measures are taken, it is difficult to ensure that the virus will not continue to spread. Now there are many countries in the epidemic prevention materials is difficult, the situation of shortage of the is to other countries for help, even willing to pay big money to buy, in this time is the most important is not the price, quality, but there are some masks even if the price is very expensive, but its quality is out of step with the price.

   Test by a professional laboratory, the content of the test is mainly 4 indicators, which are respectively the filtering performance, that is to say whether it can play an effective filtering role to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Secondly, the microbial cleaning performance, whether the mask was originally the presence of viruses or microorganisms. Third, the air permeability, when wearing the mask can achieve effective air permeability, let people breathe smoothly. The fourth is the biological phase sensitive performance, popular is, can cause allergy.  If any of the first three of these four indicators are not up to standard or have problems, it is not eligible for medical use. The test results showed problems with masks bought from pharmacies and supermarkets, such as difficulty breathing, and people who wore the masks for more than four hours felt ill.   The seller was very happy with the test results, saying that the masks were imported from Chinese wholesalers, which means they are all from China. In other words, the final results of this mask quality test show that the quality of Chinese masks is very reliable, and the price is cheap, which is very in line with the current epidemic prevention requirements of these countries. It is inevitable that there will be uneven masks in the market. After all, the demand for masks in the society is so large that there will always be some bad vendors who will produce some substandard masks for sale. However, if they do not meet the standards, they will violate the requirements of competitive consumption and are not acceptable.

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