Wearing masks when going out should become the norm

  • 2022-01-07
  • 1523

The outbreak has been a bit sudden and unexpected. Recently, local headquarters for epidemic prevention and control have issued a number of circulars to implement detailed epidemic prevention and control measures.

The key measures are to implement normal epidemic control and personal protection. In addition to regular operations such as vaccination, regular ventilation, frequent hand washing, avoiding groups and gatherings, maintaining a safe social distance of more than 1 meter, paying attention to etiquette, and using public chopsticks and spoons, wearing masks is still a direct and effective way to block the spread of respiratory secretions and prevent COVID-19.

The science of wearing masks, seemingly simple, is easy to ignore. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people have paid more attention to the importance of wearing masks. It has become a standard part of life for everyone to wear masks when they go out. Recently, however, as temperatures have been rising, some people have put masks in their pockets, pulled them down to their chin, or not carried them at all when they go out or in public places because they are too hot or stuffy to breathe. It seems that wearing a mask is just a "pass" that can be removed after passing a "checkpoint" and not worn without one.

From being caught off guard at the beginning of the epidemic, to the concerted efforts of the whole nation to overcome difficulties, to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, we have accumulated rich experience and achieved hard-won major results. Let us face the recurrence of the epidemic with more confidence, more confident, but also require us to not have the slightest luck and paralysis.

When epidemic prevention and control becomes a protracted battle, what is frightening is not the sporadic new cases, but the numbness and lack of action. Only by tightening our nerves and concentrating our efforts can the risk of the epidemic be resolved in the early stage. When people go out, they should not only "wear" a mask, but also "wear" a mask. This is to take responsibility for their own health and that of others. Only when everyone is a good combatant against the epidemic can the fortress of epidemic prevention and control be impregnable.

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