What about mask recycling after used ?

  • 2021-06-17
  • 1856

     The COVID-19 epidemic began to spread around the world in early 2020, and the use of masks worldwide has skyrocketed. Mask is a useful tool for human beings to prevent diseases. However, if discarded masks are not properly handled and properly recycled, they may enter every corner of the natural environment, including fields, waters and Spaces, which may bring disasters to wildlife as well as troubles to people and nature. Media reports say that casually discarding masks has become a "nightmare" for wildlife.

     The waste masks generated by medical institutions and first-visit medical centers shall be managed in strict accordance with medical waste, and the waste masks generated by centralized isolation observation points and home isolation observation points shall be strictly safe-management requirements, and the waste masks shall be collected separately by special personnel and vehicles and transported directly to domestic waste incineration plants for timely disposal.

        The waste masks produced in residential areas, office places and shopping malls can continue to be collected and transferred as other garbage in household waste, but the disposal and collection facilities should be strengthened.After entering domestic incineration plants, waste masks may be burned differently from ordinary household waste due to their high plastic content and high alcohol concentration. Therefore, maintenance and debugging of key equipment should be kept up to date. Emergency drills should be conducted in advance to ensure that incineration facilities can operate during epidemic prevention and control and waste masks should be disposed of in a timely manner.After entering the incineration plant, the domestic waste containing masks is directly incinerated in the furnace to avoid secondary pollution.


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