What Are The Consequences of Price Increases On Our Daily Lives?

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  • 2021-09-29
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During the epidemic, China as a whole operated crazily to ensure the huge material demand of the West, a bit like the performance of the United States in the early stage of the Second World War, while others were fighting, he was making money. But with the United States is not the same, because China's raw materials almost all rely on imports, now raw material prices into that, China's foreign trade prices are not obvious, so part of our country's money and let "international raw materials speculators" to earn away. Everyone can see since the outbreak, all kinds of raw materials rose crazy, Australia in the outbreak, has become the biggest winner, don't have to do zip, lie for money, the main raw materials are sold to China, be clear at a glance who earn money, and the shareholders behind the United States and Australia, equivalent to ordinary people in China didn't dry, bright and night finally make Australia to make money. However, there is a problem here. As raw materials rise in price, so does the FFP2 mask produced in our country, transmitting the pressure of raw materials to the end goods. 

On the other hand, risks are also accumulating. Overcapacity is now too large. If other countries recover from the epidemic and production capacity recovers in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, China will immediately experience a large-scale depression. Capacity it easier ascension down for our country now, and often borrow money to ascend, owe a debt to capacity down, finally produced a pile of homogeneous products, lower prices to each other, more failures in the future, produce bad debt, looking at what seemed to absorb employment, actually is debt, come out to mix, sooner or later also.


Face masks will rise in the price of raw material, and recently it is during the Spring Festival, the workers do mask is to pay double salary, plus a lot of transport costs also increase recently, so the production cost will increase a lot of masks, the cost of a commodity increases, but the price cannot rise, merchants face masks will lead to no profit space

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