What kind of mask is suitable for children ?

  • 2022-06-21
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For children, air pollution is more likely to damage their respiratory tract and induce various respiratory diseases. To choose a mask suitable for children is not only to consider the size, comfort, tightness and sealing, but also to know all the details of the mask。

Children are less resistant than adults and are a vulnerable group to COVID-19. To protect children from infection, the first thing to do is to wear masks for children, but how to wear masks, what kind of masks to wear is appropriate?

Choose a child-specific mask suitable for the child's age and never replace it with an adult mask.

She said masks are usually not suitable for children under the a0ge of one because of the risk of suffocation. There are different types of masks on the market for children aged 1 and 4 years and older. Parents can choose according to the age of their children, but it is important not to use adult masks as they are too large and not tightly fitted, which will not play a role in safety protection.

A child-friendly mask has the following requirements:

1. Good protective effect: it is best to choose professional protective masks for children, which can effectively isolate polluted air;

2. Good skin fit: The mask fabric can be tightly fitted to the skin without air leakage to prevent lack of mask effect;

3. Soft fabric: Soft fabric should be selected to prevent hard masks from hurting children's skin or making them uncomfortable to wear;

4. Moderate tightness: do not wear masks that are too tight or too loose. If they are too tight, children are likely to lack oxygen supply.

5, with breathing valve: breathing valve in the best Chinese herbal medicine or other types of filter, filter the air, bring children fragrance, children are willing to take, to avoid children because of rejection and conflict psychology.

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