What mask does summer suit to go out to wear?

  • 2021-07-23
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       Sunscreen masks are used to prevent sun protection by shielding the face. When wearing sunscreen masks, you should pay attention to cleaning and washing regularly. If there is facial inflammation such as acne, it is better not to wear sunscreen masks to avoid aggravating the inflammation due to shielding.

      The product that can block ultraviolet ray needs classics special processing really, cost is higher, the product of ten yuan, dozens of yuan that small stall, small shop sells, did not pass special processing commonly, also compare thin and light, cannot block ultraviolet ray effectively, but can reduce burn heat feeling.

      In addition, the ability of sunscreen mask to prevent ultraviolet rays and the thickness of the fabric is very big. Cotton masks are thicker than chiffon masks and better at blocking uv rays. Uv protection ability is also related to the density of knitted fabrics. The more sparse the fabric, the worse the uv blocking ability, and the more dense the knitting, the more sunscreen. Same fabric, dark compared sunscreen.

     Sunscreen mask what color is good

       The first is thickness. In the test, the thickest cotton mask blocked 100% of uv rays, while the thin chiffon mask blocked much less.

      Second is the density of the fabric. Although the thickness of the swimming mask and cycling mask is similar, the swimming mask fabric is more elastic, and the gap between the lines is larger, so the uv blocking ability is poor. However, when the swimming mask encounters water, the water will form a coating on the face mask, which will enhance the reflection of ultraviolet light and improve the sun protection index.

       The third is color. Dark fabrics absorb uv rays, while white fabrics reflect some, so it's easy to see why a thin chiffon can block up to 66 percent of uv rays.  

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