Why does the Novel Coronavirus mutate? How to deal with it?

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  • 2021-09-24
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The new spate of novel coronavirus variants has alarmed many. In fact, mutation is the norm in the process of virus self-replication. Viruses do not always make an exact "copy" of their genetic material. Novel coronavirus RNA viruses mutate relatively quickly, most of which do not result in a "temperament change" of the virus, but there are also some mutations that cause a behavioural change of interest.

WHO said that despite the novel Coronavirus variants, "public health and social measures" remain key to containing the spread of COVID-19, including personal protection measures such as frequent hand washing and mask wearing, as well as containment measures such as isolation, tracing and school closures. There is evidence that measures such as social distancing are effective in reducing the number of infections and, in turn, COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths in multiple countries where the mutated virus is widespread. Who also called on countries to strengthen virus surveillance and gene sequencing capabilities, report mutated viruses as soon as possible, share virus genetic sequences and strengthen relevant investigations.

The novel Coronavirus pandemic is still spreading globally. Strengthening international cooperation and promoting equitable global distribution of vaccines are of great importance in containing the rapid mutation of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. "If novel coronavirus is allowed to continue to prevail in underdeveloped regions, the virus will continue to mutate, potentially producing more transmissible, deadlier strains that will render current vaccines and diagnostics ineffective," said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. That would prolong the epidemic, hit the developed world again and delay the global economic recovery. Together, the international community can ensure adequate supply, equitable distribution, build confidence in vaccines and ultimately defeat the Novel Coronavirus, he stressed.

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