Will there be a shortage of masks ?

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  • 2021-11-11
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At present, some enterprises are working overtime to meet new orders from abroad, and export two to three million pieces every month. Some companies could not sell masks and had to temporarily shut down. The domestic mask industry presents a dual situation. So masks may be reduced in June, so the price of masks will not rise for the time being.

There will be no shortage of masks in China. Domestic epidemic has been brought under effective control, and now most people live and work are restored, enterprises have to return to work and production, and because the cause of the outbreak, mask demand, many had not production manufacturers have started to produce disposable masks, and masks are automatic production, the raw materials of masks is adequate, Production of masks is significantly higher than it was at the beginning of the epidemic. After the epidemic has been effectively controlled in China, the demand for masks in China is also on the decline. With the increase in output and decrease in demand, masks are relatively sufficient, but we still need to take good personal protection and not relax our vigilance."

Masks are disposable consumables and cannot be reused after being used and contaminated. Before the work starts, people can stay at home and don't need many masks. But once the work starts, it means that 2-3 masks will be consumed every day, which can not be underestimated.

If your mask is worn only briefly outside or while commuting, it can be reused if properly stored in a well-ventilated area without staining and touching the inside of the mask. Scientific reuse of masks, both "save" and "prevent", as much as possible to protect themselves. Common battle, we work together!

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