A novel coronavirus variant that spreads rapidly through the air.

  • 2021-05-31
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Viruses mutate all the time, most of them insignificant, but some of them make them more infectious. Since Novel coronavirus was first discovered in January 2020, thousands of mutations have been detected.    

A new novel coronavirus variant has been discovered in Vietnam that combines the characteristics of two existing varieties first discovered in India and the United Kingdom.The new hybrid variant is more infectious than previously known variants, especially in the air.The mutation tripled the infection.Studies by the same team have also shown that the variant reduces the effectiveness of antibodies in the blood of previously infected people against the virus.A "vaccine escape" occurs when the virus mutates enough to avoid the full impact of the vaccine and continues to infect it.This is now the biggest concern for this variant of the virus.In addition, this variant is only one of the most recent, suggesting that the virus is changing and infecting more and more people.

Fortunately, our current vaccines are also easily adapted to deal with virus variants;But at the same time, you need to do personal protection, wear a mask, clean and disinfect your hands in time, keep a safe distance, and reduce outside activities,that can be protected yourself well .

Easy to Use A Mask:

Check prior to use--The respirator must be selected properly for intended application. An individual risk assessment must be evaluated. Check the respirator that it is undamaged with no visible.

1. Open the mask and check the front and back of the mask.

2. The one with the cap is upward and the ear band is hanging one the ear.

3. The shape of pressing cap is consistent with the nose curve.

4. Perform fit check place hands over the mask and exhale if air leaks ,Adjust to the right position.

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