After the epidemic period, masks are exported to foreign trade markets

  • 2021-08-06
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The epidemic, everyone is very envious of those NIOSH certification mask factories, their products have been very popular, the price is very high, the peak spot reached more than 100 pieces. Their prices have held up even though overall demand is now falling. For example, the operation of the old domestic clothing factory, the situation is similar. Their biggest advantage is that they are established factories and have passed a number of certifications, which are highly demanding and difficult with a very long certification cycle. NIOSH certification and CE certification for medical sterilization can take as little as half a year to as long as one year to get. Almost no new factory opened in the short term could compete with them. In addition, there are fewer factories in general, so demand has kept orders and prices firm.

The surging export of epidemic prevention supplies such as masks is the "dark horse" of the export industry this year. Unlike traditional foreign trade products, epidemic prevention supplies are characterized by rigid demand, large quantity and violence.

The international epidemic is serious, is export a good way out for mask enterprises to transform?

"China, the factory of the world, is ready to explode." Many practitioners believe that masks may bring some economic benefits to China.

Zhang yi believes that starting from April, Chinese mask companies should set their sights on foreign countries.

But the situation in export markets remains less clear.

"We should not blindly compare the domestic market with the international market." Lei limin said that wearing masks has been given top priority among the general public in China's epidemic prevention and control measures.

But many European and American countries do not advocate healthy people to wear masks. "The demand for masks abroad is mainly concentrated in the health care system, which does not cover the whole population."

"So in general, the demand for masks in foreign markets is much smaller than in China." Lei Limin said that the foreign market is not a profiteering, distorted market.

In addition, there are many thresholds for the export of masks, such as CE certification for entering the European Union, FDA certification for entering the United States and so on.

"Certification takes time and costs. With demand still high in the domestic market, there is little incentive for companies to shift their focus to exports, especially mask companies that have traditionally focused on the domestic market. 

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