Are you wearing the right masks for personal protection during the epidemic?

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  • 2021-12-21
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The grim and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control reminds us that we should never relax. As an essential protective barrier against the Novel Coronavirus, masks are essential for everyone.

However, most of the medical masks we wear are white or blue. Although the protective function is not obvious, the style and color are single, lacking some personalized and fashion sense. Therefore, fashionable and bright masks with protective functions have become a must-have item for many young people.

Nowadays, there are more and more fancy masks. Can they be both beautiful and protective? Some experts say that when choosing masks, do not neglect the basic function of masks because they are good-looking. The key to the protective effect of masks is whether the material is qualified and whether they are masks produced by regular manufacturers.

So how do you choose the right mask?

On Aug 13, the National Health Commission issued a new guideline on wearing masks for the Public and People , advising the public to choose disposable medical masks, surgical masks or masks of higher protective grade.

In other words, ordinary citizens can choose to wear disposable medical masks or surgical masks for daily protection. Of course, they can also keep a small number of higher-grade protective masks at home for use.

It should be noted that the material of medical masks can filter viruses to a certain extent and prevent viruses from entering the nose and mouth, thus playing a protective effect. In order to meet the preferences of different people, medical masks produced by some manufacturers will also be printed with various patterns. Citizens can choose masks suitable for their own protection according to the executive standards, production license number, product registration license number and other information on the outer package.

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