By vehemently opposing the mask rule, the country is reaping the consequences .

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  • 2021-09-18
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COVID-19 is a respiratory infection. The scientific advice of WHO experts is to wear masks to prevent the spread of the source of the disease.

In the US, the daily death toll from the epidemic has exceeded 1,000 for three consecutive days. The daily number of new infections has exceeded 100,000 for several days in a row and reached 160,000 on the latest day. In the face of the terrible contagion and infection of the epidemic, any problem facing the United States may not seem serious. Whether it is gun violence, drug abuse or racial conflicts, the death toll of the epidemic and the increasing public opinion have been completely drowned in the tide of news. 

Despite who's Tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus's repeated hope that developed countries would stop giving the third dose of vaccine and make some available for developing countries. But now that the epidemic is so widespread in the US, will the ever self-interested US continue to respond to Tedros' request to contribute a portion of the vaccine to the developing world? Evidenced by the United States is now helping so much, to curb the spread of the epidemic, and the third needle new vaccine immunization plan already listed in the forefront of the task list, but if the americans still cannot correctly completes the prevention measures, still repeat the so-called "freedom", is the United States the outbreak of flood will never stop.

The key to dealing with the epidemic is early detection, early isolation and early treatment. The core is "early isolation", which aims to block the spread of the epidemic and cut off its transmission chain. Wearing kn95 masks is undoubtedly an effective measure to cut off the transmission chain of the epidemic. Once the epidemic is discovered, any country can control and defeat the pandemic if it sticks to the above principles.

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