Can masks be dispensable in 2022

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  • 2021-11-02
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Wearing a mask is one of the effective ways of preventing the Novel Coronavirus, and almost all of us wear a mask when we go out, especially when we are in transport. As the outbreak is not completely over, masks are always worn. So will masks be worn until 2022?

At present, the epidemic situation in China is relatively stable, but the epidemic situation abroad is still spreading, so we should not take it lightly. In the past, we had to stick to some good habits, including wearing masks. For example, flu is rare this year, as are colds and upper respiratory infections, which are related to people's insistence on wearing masks. Hopefully, masks will be removed at least after next spring.

When can you take off your mask? It may not be possible in the near future, but in parks or open places with few people, you can take off your mask to breathe fresh air, but you must be careful not to wear N95 masks for strenuous exercise. The recent sudden death while wearing masks is a wake-up call. Prevention of the new coronavirus is important, but other health is just as important.

If you want to take off the mask completely, you can do so by the end of April next year. As things stand, though, you probably won't be able to remove your mask until around May of next year. By then, the epidemic should be in real remission. In fact, China is doing very well. Now the epidemic has spread to all parts of the world, and we are in an extraordinary time. We must obey the rules and stay at home. This time, we should try to do ourselves wrong, because we don't want to go out all day. Usually pay attention to wash hands, ventilation, hygiene, prevent virus infection.

Precautions for wearing masks

1. Wash hands before wearing masks. Avoid touching the inside of the mask with hands to reduce the possibility of contamination;

2, both sides do not wear wrong, both sides do not take turns to wear. Masks should be separated from inside and outside, upper and lower. The disposable medical surgical mask of the utility model is dark outside and bright inside, and one end is provided with a metal strip on it;

3. When wearing a mask, the folded face should be fully unfolded, and the mouth, nose and jaw should be fully covered. The elastic band of the mask should be tightened as far as possible, and the metal strip on both sides of the nose should be pressed tightly to reduce the leakage around it.

4. When not using the mask, fold the side that touches the nose and mouth inward and put it in a clean self-sealing bag. Wash hands after using masks and throwing them away;

5. Replace the mask every 2-4 hours. If used for a long time, large particles will block the surface of the mask or ultra-fine particles will block the gap of the filter material of the mask, resulting in reduced filtration efficiency and increased respiratory resistance. If the mask is damaged or contaminated, it should be replaced as soon as possible;

6. Do not touch the outside of the mask with your hands after wearing it. Bacteria and viruses gather outside.

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