Coronavirus in Kids and Babies

  • 2020-09-28
  • 1417

Most of the people who’ve gotten COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus, are adults. Babies and children don’t seem to be at high risk. Infants may have a higher risk, but experts don’t know that for sure.

In very rare cases, children with the new coronavirus can get a serious illness, such as fluid collecting in their lungs or organ failure. But for most children, the risk appears to be more that they could accidentally spread the virus, not get sick from it.

There are simple ways to make sure they don’t spread it: washing their hands often, cleaning your home often, keeping them away from sick people, wearing masks when around others, and limiting or stopping in-person playdates.

You’ll also want to reassure your child if they’re anxious about the changes in their routines, such as staying home from school or not seeing friends face-to-face. Watch for unusual worry or sadness, trouble eating or sleeping, and attention problems. Talk to them about what’s happening, and reassure them that most cases are mild. Your children will pick up cues from you, so it’s important that you stay calm, too.

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