Coronavirus in Kids and Babies to separate the rest of the family

  • 2020-09-30
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Separate them. Your child should stay away from the other people in your home -- ideally, in a specific room and bathroom. They shouldn’t snuggle or kiss family pets, either. If your child has COVID-19, they should wear a face mask when they’re around other people. If that makes it harder for them to breathe, or they get upset, you can instead wear one when you’re with them.

Don’t share personal items with them. This includes things like drinking glasses, towels, and bedding.

Clean and disinfect constantly. If your sick child is old enough to clean high-touch areas like phones, doorknobs, and toilets themselves, let them. Otherwise, do it yourself but wear a mask.

Track their symptoms. Call your doctor right away if your child has trouble breathing, has chest pressure or pain, or seems confused.

Keep them isolated even if they seem better. Your child can be around other people once they have had 3 full days of no fever, their symptoms have improved, and it’s been at least 7 days have since they got sick.

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