Coronavirus outbreaks are more likely in winter ?

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  • 2021-09-08
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 Coronavirus viruses have a longer survival time and are more likely to infect humans. Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the NATIONAL Center for Disease Control and Prevention, also said novel Coronavirus will be more severe in winter. There have also been sporadic cases of COVID-19 in some regions since the onset of winter. In winter, the temperature is lower, and respiratory diseases are more likely to damage human health. Winter is indeed likely to be a peak period of novel coronavirus. Coronavirus studies have shown that the  coronavirus prefers cold and dry conditions, especially in areas without sunlight. And in winter, when people tend to congregate indoors, the virus spreads more widely.

So it is true that the coronavirus may be more severe in winter. And recently there have been a lot of exposure to sea parcels, frozen chain and the outbreak. The worsening epidemic abroad may also affect the emergence of imported and related cases in China. If the novel coronavirus prevention and control pathways are not understood, outbreaks are indeed more likely in winter.

How to prevent the epidemic?

  1. Reducing exposure to overseas frozen chains and raw and cold seafood can prevent exposure to novel coronavirus. In terms of the recent cases of COVID-19 patients, the rebound of the epidemic in Qingdao is related to imported cold chain food, and the outbreak in Tianjin has confirmed that imported cold chain food contaminated with novel coronavirus can indeed transmit human body through objects. So in winter, to avoid exposure to imported cold-chain foods is to reduce the likelihood of exposure to novel coronavirus.
  2.  Avoid sending or receiving packages overseas. A new domestic COVID-19 patient in Shanghai was also found to be a fedex worker, suggesting that the patient may have contracted the virus from a package mailed abroad. Therefore, when the epidemic situation abroad is so severe, reducing overseas mailing and receiving packages can play a good preventive role. If packages must be received, protective measures should also be taken.
  3. The epidemic situation abroad is becoming increasingly severe, and winter is also the season for novel coronavirus rebound. Maybe China will also see a second wave of the epidemic. We should take preventive measures, wear masks and wash hands frequently.

      4. Try not to take public transportation. It is recommended to walk, bike, or take private cars or shuttle buses            to work. If you must take public transport, wear a 3ply face mask at all times and avoid touching items              on the bus. Private cars can be wiped with 75% alcohol to keep them clean. 

 The epidemic is still in the second-level prevention and control stage, and the epidemic is repeated. Do a good job of protecting yourself and your family. Wear a mask when going out, drink more water less, ventilate more, wash your hands frequently, and avoid crowded places.

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