Coronavirus vaccine has 90% coverage. Why the recent increase in infection rates ?

  • 2021-07-02
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      一.  Vaccination in the US and Europe has led to a drop in diagnoses in developed countries

In the past, the number of people diagnosed in developed countries has fallen as a result of mass vaccination, led by the United States and Britain, which has slowed the spread of the disease to some extent. 

    , people in hot weather mainly outdoor activities reduce the infection rate

Why is the new coronet more contagious in winter?There are two main reasons. First, people mainly play indoors in winter, so it is easier for them to have close contact with each other, so the rate of infection will be accelerated.Second, the cold winter makes it easier for the virus to survive, so it spreads more easily.

  三. China's large-scale export of protective materials such as masks and vaccines has stopped the spread of the virus

China's huge production capacity has brought the price of face masks down to a few cents, making them affordable to even poor countries in the world, which has helped curb the spread of the virus.In addition, China has also exported other medical supplies and vaccines on a large scale, in particular more than 350 million doses of vaccines, which have helped contain the spread of the virus.

However, the decline in the confirmed data of the coronavirus is objectively due to the decline in the statistical data. Relatively developed regions have better detection capabilities. When the epidemic in these regions declines in stages, the confirmed statistics of the world certainly seem to decline.More realistically, however, there is a lack of detection capacity in more countries around the world, so the hidden spread of the virus is certainly greater than in the past.

Also, it's summer and things are a little better than they were in winter.Under such circumstances, James believes that the nature of the global COVID-19 is still not improving, just because the data of the epidemic in developed countries are temporarily better, and the actual situation on a global scale should be more serious than in the past.

     Why has China done so well in fighting the epidemic?The first is the quality of the Chinese people.Where is the high quality of the Chinese people reflected?The biggest manifestation of this is that the 1.4 billion Chinese people are in line with the CPC Central Committee at critical moments.The state said wearing masks was important to protect against the virus, and people all over the country immediately put them on;The country said to stay at home, the people of the whole country to stay at home;When the state says to do a good job in protection and resume production, everyone should do a good job in protection and resume production.

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