COVID-19 Booster Shots Should Be Listed On Agenda

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  • 2021-11-09
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A third "booster shot" of COVID-19 vaccine is necessary to prevent infection and exacerbation of the disease though we wear protective face mask everyday and somes cases sprung up in different places home and abroad. Therefore, a third shot named booster shot are urgently needed for everyone to be vaccinated.


Zhong nanshan said that from a global perspective, the protection of COVID-19 vaccine is about half a year. "After half a year, the antibodies and immunogenicity produced by the vaccine will decrease a lot, so it is necessary for us to prevent infection and aggravation of the disease. We are also encouraged to do so."


Safety and vaccination rate are the most important in the early stage of vaccination, but three months and six months later, it depends on the continuity of vaccination, because different vaccines, sustainability performance is different, so now it is time to give booster shots. There are two ways of thinking about strengthening the injection, "one is homologous vaccine inoculation, the original hit now hit what, good safety, good acceptances; The second is a new practice: allogeneic vaccination, where you get two inactivated doses of an mRNA vaccine or a protein-bound vaccine, and you get better results." 


After the tempering of the epidemic, we have entered the stage of regular epidemic prevention and control. From clinical research and development, review and approval, production and manufacturing to transportation and supply, a new collaborative mechanism is emerging in the global medical market, and China will become an important participant in the whole chain of global innovative drug research and development.


As long as China continues to take relatively strict epidemic prevention measures, discover the infection chain in a timely manner and strengthen the detection of close contacts, I think it can be brought under control in a relatively short period of time and there is not much concern about large-scale transmission.


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