COVID-19 is not the "big flu"

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  • 2022-03-25
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With the increasing proportion of people vaccinated against COVID-19, the increasing immunity of the population to the Novel Coronavirus, and the fact that the omicron variant strain is itself less virulent than other strains, the clinical severity of infected persons has indeed declined in proportion to the number of cases per 100. Asymptomatic infection is just a point in time. An asymptomatic infection today may turn into a mild or ordinary case tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. We should pay more attention to its infectivity. The total number of deaths and social harm caused by the omicron strain has not been reduced by its rapid spread and high number of infections. A comparative analysis of fatality and mortality rates in countries from August to October 2021 and from November to January this year showed that the first three months were dominated by the Delta strain and the last three months were dominated by the Omicron strain. The case fatality rate did decline during the omicron pandemic, but the total number of deaths or deaths from the pandemic was higher than the number of deaths during the Delta pandemic. This shows that the overall impact of the omicron strain on a country has not diminished. Since mid-February, the number of deaths from the novel coronavirus in Hong Kong peaked at nearly 300 per day, and is still around 200 per day. This also suggests that the pandemic of the Omicron strain remains serious and that COVID-19 is not a "big flu".

Flu and the new type of pneumonia are currently are more prone to disease, but a lot of people are hard to distinguish between these two diseases, in fact, influenza and new type of pneumonia pathogen, symptoms, epidemic characteristics, severity is different, or better, but either disease, should be timely treatment measures, usually have the good life habit, to prevent diseases.

New cases of pneumonia in constantly refresh every day, every day data can make people very fear, and recently it is flu season, a lot of people will appear the symptoms of fever, cough, when these symptoms, everyone is very worried about yourself if you develop a new type of pneumonia, influenza and actually still have certain differences between new type of pneumonia

1. Pathogens are different

Influenza is generally caused by influenza virus, and the new pneumonia is generally caused by coronavirus infection, is a brand new virus, great harm.

2, symptoms are different

Flu typically high fever, fatigue, headache, body aches, systemic poisoning symptoms, such as general temperature more than 38 degrees Celsius, often appear red or throat sore throat, etc., is a common complication of influenza pneumonia, the clinical course of this disease is relatively short, generally a week later can get better, and after a pneumonia infection is fatigue, fever, dry cough as the main performance, A small number of patients will have nasal congestion, runny nose, diarrhea and other symptoms, severe cases generally appear after a week, will induce the symptoms of dyspnea.

3. Different epidemic characteristics

Influenza is seasonal and regional, relatively high incidence in winter and spring season, relatively weak infectivity, while the new pneumonia is relatively strong infectivity, can be passed from person to person, if you do not do a good job of protection, the speed of transmission is very fast.

4. Severity varies

New pneumonia and influenza are certain fatal diseases, but the fatal of new pneumonia is higher, if the sick people are weak, the possibility of cure is very low, while influenza is relatively easy to treat, the difficulty is relatively small.

Above is the difference between flu and new type of pneumonia, based on the above understanding I believe you for influenza and new type of pneumonia can be better to distinguish, but whether the flu or a pneumonia disease, should be timely treatment of control measures, usually life must pay attention to the good life habit, to pay attention to health, wash your hands often and often ventilated, reduce go out, Always wear a mask when you go out.

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