Demand for masks is soaring again

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  • 2021-12-06
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Given the huge numbers of people infected in Europe today, it would take a significant amount of vaccine to be effective. The widely held theory is that if 70% of a population is vaccinated, it will be effective against a virus. But with the huge numbers of people infected in Europe, That would need to rise to 80% or even 90% to be effective, meaning that it would take Europe several years to vaccinate enough people, and in that time the virus could mutate and make the vaccine ineffective, making it very difficult for Europe to hope to get rid of the epidemic on vaccine alone.

Faced with such serious outbreak, Europe will be the last hope to vaccines in the United States, the European parliament recently has announced says reached an agreement with the United States, the European Union's 27 countries will jointly to purchase vaccines in the United States, and to his own people open vaccination before long, the hope that the vaccine could destroy the outbreak, but many experts are pessimistic about the European outbreak, The United States has limited production capacity to produce at most 20 million doses of vaccine by the end of the year, and that will have to meet its own needs. The amount of vaccine available to Europe is limited, only enough for key sectors such as the government. The average European population will not be able to get vaccinated until next year at the earliest.

Many daily new infections and deaths are declined slowly, and the vaccine emergency public permission, he had just taken a lot of people think Europe has endured the most dangerous moment, cooperate with the United States next year the vaccine is expected to complete all the outbreak, but reality gave Europe mercilessly slap, recently many epidemic monitoring data of sudden deterioration, The daily number of new infections is on the rise, and even The French president Emmanuel Macron has been infected, causing panic among leaders who attended a European summit with him.

As the epidemic continues to spread across many parts of the world, the global mask shortage remains severe, and many countries have introduced various measures to gradually expand the supply of masks. Experts believe that as the demand for masks will continue for some time, it is essential to strengthen global cooperation to maintain and safeguard the stability of supply chains.

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