Different masks are used for different purposes

  • 2021-07-07
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          At present, masks  have become an indispensable material in our life. Mask can be used in many ways in life, can isolate germs, prevent smog inhalation, keep warm, maintain a sense of mystery and so on. There is not much difference in appearance between the commonly used masks. In fact, there are different types of masks. Do you know the different uses of different masks in your life?  

 1.   Non-woven  mask, is the most basic masks, using simple gauze, well ventilated effect is poor, but the filtering effect is apparent, can effectively stop the "exchange" and the outside world, has a wide application range, lack of professional isolation effect, so we can not meet medical or targeted role, often used in the food industry sales.

2. Gauze masks are common in daily life. The material is made of cotton cloth, which has a certain isolation effect. The main effect is achieved through the composition of cotton cloth.

3. Medical masks are more targeted, mainly used in hospitals and disinfection sites, with obvious characteristics. Most of them are disposable, mainly to prevent germs. Of course, the masks worn by nurses and doctors in hospitals are different from those worn by attending doctors during surgery.

4.  PM2.5 mask, which is relatively popular in the current society, with the frequent haze pollution weather, can often be seen on the daily road, the passers-by wearing PM2.5 mask, this is specially used to filter PM2.5 particles, of course, can also be used in other places, seems to be some overqualified.

5.  Activated carbon masks are specially used for adsorbing odor. They are used in some places with particularly severe odor requirements, such as wearing similar masks when cleaning up garbage. Similar masks for the purpose of a specific role are dust masks, gas masks, paint masks and so on.

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