Do air purifiers need to be used every day ?

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  • 2022-05-10
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In daily life, many families use air purifiers. This product does not need to be left on all the time, otherwise it wastes energy and fails to improve air quality. We can put this product in front of the window and open the air purifier when the window is opened.

We all know that there are more pollutants in the air, such as harmful particles, including PM2.5, dust and so on. After opening the air purifier, negative ions will act to absorb harmful substances, so as to improve the quality of the air.

The working time of general air purifiers should be about 24 hours, and in our ordinary families, the use of air purifiers for about 20 hours or so can already play a role. Even now most air purifiers can be scheduled, such as 24 hours before you turn them on and then automatically turn them off.

The air purifier can not be left on all the time, because it will cause it to work under load, which will cause great damage to the parts, thus shortening the service life of the air purifier.

In general, I recommend that you use it for two hours a day. You can turn it on before you go to bed, and then it will purify the air in the room, which will also help improve your sleep quality.

If the area of the room is larger, then you can extend use time appropriately, it is ok to use 3~4 hours, you should undertake consideration in combination with the actual situation in the home.

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