Do dust masks protect against viruses?

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  • 2021-10-19
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Differences between medical masks and dust masks:

1. Medical masks

It is made of one or more layers of nonwoven fabric, and the main production process includes melt-blown, spunbonded, hot air or needling, etc. It has the effect of resisting liquid, filtering particulate matter and bacteria, etc. It is a kind of medical protection textile.

2. Dust masks

Is engaged in and contact with dust operations essential protective equipment. It is mainly used in the working environment containing low concentration of harmful gas and steam and the working environment which will produce dust. The cartridge contains only adsorbent or sorbent. Some of the cartridges also have a filter layer, which can also prevent aerosols. Some military respirators, made mainly of activated carbon cloth, or made of water-resistant and oil-resistant fabric with an inner layer of fiberglass filter material and a bottom layer of polyurethane foam impregnated with activated carbon, can provide temporary protection against sudden gas attacks.

Do dust masks protect against viruses

Dustproof masks are mainly dustproof, anti-bacteria, anti-virus effect is general, but it is better than nothing, you can deal with it.

Viruses usually do not exist alone in the air, but attach themselves to particles such as droplets, dust and dander. The filtering mechanism of KN95 and N95 masks is to block these fine particles through the high-performance filtering layer in masks to build a protective barrier.

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